Fancy Agro Farm is one of the premier companies of Bangladesh. It produces world-class products while keeping in view the social, economical and environmental concerns of the nation and is committed to subsequently diversify into value added projects.


By developing an agricultural ecosystem that is both sustainable and self-sufficient, we aim to minimize damage to the environment, nurture the welfare of animals and grow natural products that are not only safe but also improve the lives of people who consume it.


In this day and age, when life is fast paced, being healthy does not mean just eating healthy. To be healthy and have a healthy lifestyle, we believe it is not just the body that requires attention but the mind too. Therefore, similar to the principles of numerous other efficiency driven companies who believe in the healing powers of meditation and have had fruitful results, we at Fancy Group Ltd. have been advocating the practice of mindful meditation from the very beginning of our establishment. From research and experience, we have found that beginning the day with meditation not only impacts our productivity in a positive way but also allows us to be more aware of our feelings and selves. This has resulted in developing compassion, empathy and an overall positive energy within ourselves which then is applied towards the work we do, helping us to achieve our aim.


At Fancy Group Ltd. we care deeply for our environment, therefore, we continue what we started till this day by arranging campaigns promoting tree plantation during which medicinal and fruit trees are distributed to students and other locals. Through this act of support for both the environment and humankind, we are not only encouraging the plantation of more trees but also educating all regarding the importance of plants in our existence, aiming to achieve a world where humans and the environment can finally sustain in harmony.


With the aspiration to do good for our community, our journey began with a small step being the distribution of trees to locals for free. This led to the envisioning of something bigger. In (Yrs), we began growing  our  own  vegetables,  producing  just  enough to  provide  for  friends  and  family.  This presented  itself  as  an  opportunity  for  us  to  build  something  that  would  not  only  promote  a healthy  living  but  would  go  in  harmony  with  the ecosystem. Taking on criticism regarding the sustainability of the work we were aiming to do, we pushed further, establishing our own dairy farm and nursery in (Yrs), each sector coming in use of the other. Slowly developing a process where every activity contributes  to  organic  production,  in (Yrs), Fancy Group Ltd. was officially founded.